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3 thoughts on “(Français) Biographie

  1. Louisa Castner says:

    Je suis une américaine qui aime votre musique. (Pardonnez moi: ma française est très élémentaire!) J’ai ecoute le dernier chanson de la film Au Sommet du Terre par Emmanuelle Jay.
    Merci pour la musique très belle.

    Louisa Castner
    Minneapolis, MN USA

    1. admin says:

      Hi Louisa !

      Thank you so much Louisa ! MERCI, MERCI !
      That kind of message is so rare for me. I’m moved.
      It makes me so happy to read that my music can touch you at Minneapolis in USA from Nantes in France.

      Have you heard others tracks of mine on Bancamp for exemple ?


      You can download there for free some music of the EP Slab°#2 for exemple.
      I’m also recording a new piano solo album that will be (I hope) distributed at the enf this year. (www.polmusic.fr)

      We can continue to discuss by email if you want at : polmusic@free.fr.

      It will be a pleasure.

      Great things



      1. Louisa Castner says:

        Hi POL:
        I wrote you an email in reply.
        Great things to you, too!

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