As a solo navigator, I salute you!

As a solo navigator, I salute you!
As our skiffs cross off Espere Island, heading for our unknown lands.
Perhaps the amorous winds and joyful currents will allow us a summer reunion at the port of Almost-an-Island.
For the moment, I have trimmed my sails to face the heavy weather.
But soon, as a long-distance captain, I will be able to hoist my genoa and mainsail again: Perseverance & Imaginary. And, as an adventurer of extreme humanity, I am counting on the venturi effect that this cut is capable of generating. Its power is incredible.
But be quiet!
Do you feel this soft and warm wind that caresses us?
The Zephyr rises…it just snapped the fall of my tourmentin.
This wink tells us that it is time to resume our Grande Traversée.
And I can’t resist the urge to dress with flag. POL

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