I am a pianist composer

I am a pianist composer,
a craftsman of the sensitive.
I am a space-time instrument.
My world is open and haphazard.
I cultivate harmony there.
My land is imaginary.
My sky, acrobatic.
I am a loving and touching “œuvrier”.
My art is movement.
My subject is relationship.
I plant notes in doubt,
in the light of listening hearts.
My harvest is Culture, in essence.
My mission is to set sail, to experience the Great Crossing to the shore of hope and action.
In the face of uncertainty, I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic. I am pianistic.
Each day, I improvise in memory of the future.
My horizon is made of new worlds, an archipelago of hope where landscapes, fauna, flora, women, men and children form a mosaic, the other name of music.
Piano solo – because I have to – I contemplate the constellation of Humanity.
The Great Melody is drawn there, the one that enchants our lives.
Its power is incredible. Its song is sublime.
It makes me a free man. POL

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